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The Painter works in the fabrication shop to carefully apply finishes to our museum products.

The candidate must have a critical eye and outstanding attention to detail.

Most days are spent sanding parts and applying finishes either by hand or with a spray gun. Some products have painted finishes; some are stained. Generally, a clear topcoat is applied. Hand and random orbital sanding are both required before finishing and between coats. Sometimes assembly of finished components is needed. You’ll also spend time neatly packing up completed orders to be shipped out once the finishing is complete. Overall, you can probably expect to spend 1/3 time sanding, 1/3 time painting, and 1/3 on related tasks.

This is a physically and mentally demanding job and requires very strong attention to detail--we work with museums almost exclusively and strive for museum-quality in all that we create!

Functions / Responsibilities

FHD Exhibit fabrication jobs

sanding, painting, assembly – would you get energized doing these things daily?

Required Competencies

Preferred Competencies

Work Environment

The employee works in manufacturing where medium to high noise levels and other potential hazards exist and hearing protection and protective safety glasses are required.

Pay starts at $15 / hr. This position is eligible for paid time off and a 401k retirement plan with company match!

How to Apply

Send us an email. Please include:

The ability to communicate clearly is important to us–it’s one of our core values. We use photos and videos to improve our communication whenever possible. Shop employees are expected to photograph their work daily on their smartphone and share it with the team through our project management software.

Send your email to info@flinthillsdesign.com

We look forward to hearing from you!

Note: please do not visit our shop in-person without an invitation. We are closed to the public during this time of COVID. We will let you know if we want to do an in-person interview.